Assisted Living At Home

At AzCare we provide providers and healthcare settings across the UK with assisted living solutions for their clients via our team of experienced bank care professionals, giving your agency the support required to help your client achieve the freedom and independence they deserve.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living provides your clients with the freedom and independence of remaining in their own home with the support and assurance offered by our team of carers 24 hours a day.

AzCare provides experienced, highly trained and vetted live-in carers for your agency that allows you to provide your clients a personalised support package to allow them to live independently. From basic support through to managing complex needs, our experienced team are on hand to support your agency through quality care professional provision that allows your clients to live their life to the fullest.
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You will also find our Customer Service team friendly and courteous; sufficiently knowledgeable when it comes to live-in care, they are able to provide information, help, and advice when you need it.