Service Areas

While based in Berkshire, our daily services are available throughout the South East.  We have AzCare personnel deployed all over the South East, we provide carers, care assistants, health care assistants, Live in carers, Sleep in carers, anything to do with Health & Social care.

Phone No: 01753 701096 

For out of hours: 07921 666 046

Hours of Operation:
24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

Domiciliary Carer – Home to Home

Monday to Friday – £13.50 per hour + £0.30p per mile

Weekends – £14.50 per hour + £0.30p per mile

Public Holidays – £15.50 per hour + £0.30p per mile

Travel time included in all the above

Healthcare Assistant – Care Homes, Supported Living and Residential Care

Monday to Sunday- Day Rate – £11.50 per hour

Monday to Sunday – Waking Night Rate – £12.50 per hour

Public Holidays Day rate – £13.50 per hour

Public Holiday Night Rate – £14.00 per hour

Minimum Charge:  Per visits equivalent to the appropriate 1 hour fee.

Live In Carer

For live-in-carers will be negotiated individually and will normally range between £140.00 and £150.00 per day.  The charge will be double on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and all public bank holidays.

Sleep in

When a daily carer sleeps in at the home of a client and is present between 10pm and 8am the following fees apply:

Monday – Thursday:  £110.00 1 night rate

Friday – Sunday:  £125.00 night rate

Public Holiday:  £220.00 night rate

Companion Care (No personal Care)

 Monday to Sunday- Day Rate – £11.50 per hour

Public Holidays Day rate – £12.50 per hour

Public Holiday Night Rate – £13.00 per hour

Minimum Charge:  Per visits equivalent to the appropriate 1 hour fee

Companion Care with Personal Care

 Monday to Friday – £13.50 per hour

Weekends – £14.50 per hour

Public Holidays – £15.50 per hour

Travel time included in all the above – Minimum charge rate is 1 hour.

TeleCare Calls – From £5 per call to £10  per call. (By specialist Nurse)

We understand that it can be the daily phone call that makes all the difference for many people who are suffering from loneliness or confusion. It can also be very difficult for family members to know that their loved one is suffering and we hope to relieve this pressure a little for everyone concerned.

Our Tele Care Call offers not only a general ‘chit chat,’ but we can also double check medications have been taken or prompt your loved one to remember an event or to cook/eat their meal etc. Many things we take for granted can be confusing once we get older, and loneliness can be devastating.


Additional service: We are more than happy to offer a double up service running alongside our Tele Care Call if it should transpire that the person we are calling needs us to visit them for any reason, we can always attend the person for an additional charge *see emergency call outs. This gives peace of mind for the loved ones and our clients, knowing that we can be there quickly to sort out any issues. 

Emergency Care

Hourly and Overnight care may be arranged as an emergency, please call us on 07921 666 046, if you leave a message we will get back to you shortly. Once we have spoken with we will quickly let you know if we are able to provide a carer in emergency. Emergency calls are 24/7.  Rates for emergency will apply, time and 25% of the fees for the service.

What to do now:

 As with all our clients we would be delighted to hear from you, we can further discuss your particular needs. We can usually offer some guidance of price over the phone. To give an accurate quotation it is generally preferable if we could arrange to meet.  We will always try our best to accommodate your preferences.

Additional Information which is applicable for all services:

  • VAT is not chargeable on any of our client fees.
  • We welcome the care of couples, for this service we charge an additional 30% to 50% of the Hourly Rate or for Live In, an extra £50.00 to £100 per day.
  • Bank Holidays will be charged at double rate.
  • All our care workers are ‘employed’ by AzCare Limited.
  • We invoice either Weekly

Week 1 to 4 invoices to be paid end of the month – 1st of the following month

AzCare Services Limited     Phone: 01753 701096    24 hour oncall: 07921 666046

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