Companionship Care At Home

Our experienced live in carers possess all the qualities that you would expect to find from a companion carer, one that will support your client to remain in a home they love.

Live in Companionship Care

AzCare provide agencies with experienced, dedicated, and compassionate live-in care professionals that offer a unique companionship care service throughout the UK.

Companionship Care allows many older adults to live independent lives in their own home, with the support of an experienced carer. Although a client’s health may still be reasonably good, getting older is a part of life, and some tasks such as going shopping and cooking can become difficult which is where a companion care service can prove invaluable.

Clients often employ the services of a live in companion carer due to social isolation following the loss of a loved one or family living a long distance away. No matter what the reason our AzCare carers provide anything from company and friendship to assistance with personal care and household chores; a companion carer can make your clients life more comfortable and more enjoyable.

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You will also find our Customer Service team friendly and courteous; sufficiently knowledgeable when it comes to live-in care, they are able to provide information, help, and advice when you need it.